Huddersfield Town's Safe Standing Campaign: Rail Seating vs Clip-On Seating

Throughout the international break the Huddersfield Examiner we will be running a series of articles on the issue of Safe Standing with the intention of canvasing opinion and debate.A poll will be at the bottom of each online article with the simple question of whether you want Safe Standing at the John Smith’s Stadium or not. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve written a lot about safe standing, so much so that I half-expect my grave to be marked by a solitary rail-seat. And when we talk abou
Ordinary Times

The Blitzkrieg Myth

The controversial British strategist Basil Liddell Hart once observed that “the real story of any great event is apt to be very different to what appears at the time…the truth sometimes leaks out later; sometimes never.”[1] Although such an insight may seem obvious, or even banal, it is a useful starting point for any discussion concerning the German Blitzkrieg campaigns of the Second World War. In the summer of 1941, the Third Reich cast its shadow from Smolensk in the Soviet Union to the Fran
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